Friday, March 11, 2011

A Very Big Life for a Very Small Dog

I asked the Facebook community: "If I started a blog, would you read it?"

  The unanimous answer was "YES* " 
* = Only if you're talking about Frank

I accepted the fact that a 15lb. dog that doesn't speak is more interesting than me, and started this blog today. I'll explain the name of the blog in another post, but I figured I should make it family-related in case we ever add numbers to our clan. (Don't get excited, I'm currently drinking a bottle of wine and a triple-venti Sbux espresso right now. NOT pregnant. I'm just a planner at heart) Also, so far I'm a sub-par blogger, so excuse the mish-mash of photos below. I'll get my act together at some point. Promise.

For those unfamiliar with the living legend that is Frank, here's his bio:

Name: Francis Leimenstoll  
Born: 08/04/08 in outskirts of Charlotte
Purchased as a 3rd anniversary gift between A.J. & Megs. 
(You should see the 4th anniversary Frank portrait. Our love for him has made us stupid.)
Height: short (about 12 inches from the ground when standing)
Weight: 15lbs
- A very, very good barker. One of the best. (or the worst depending on who you ask. My father has not-so-fondly nicknamed him Bob Barker.)
-Break-dances when wet. 
Loves the car.  
Loves the park.
Loves to walk.  

Below are some pics from the past 2.5 years.

He joined the family at 6 weeks old - tipping the scales at 2.5 lbs.

Frank's best feature: the ultimate Grandpa eyebrows
Within one week of moving in with my parents in 2009, Frank scalped one of mom's dolls. I think he was sending a message.
I think he ate a pair of my shoes immediately after this Easter photoshoot. Payback's a b*tch.

Family shot w/ his cousin Boomer. Definitely Frank's awkward stage. One ear up, and some weird red-armpit problem.


  1. Ahhh! The journey of Frank... can't believe it's been 2.5 years. Can't wait to follow this!!

  2. This is great Megs. However, I was only joking about Mr. Frank needing to be the center of attention!! So, I hope you didn't think that I feel that you all are boring, because that is only partially true. Just kidding again.

  3. By the way, big long name was Baboon. I kinda felt like an inmate when the blog decided to give me a number as a name. Very Jean Valjeanesque.