Thursday, June 2, 2011

A non-Frank post. God forbid.

Thought some of you might enjoy a few random shots from the last few months that don't include a 16lb. white dog.

Random item #1:

A.J. and Chris ran the Gettysburg North-South marathon on May 1st. They both did amazing. Anyone that runs 26.2 miles is amazing to me. I don't care if it took you 10 days. I don't care if you did it on your hands and knees. The course was a beast, but they both survived. My camera wasn't keeping up with my artistic intentions, (yes, that's a total excuse for me not knowing what setting to use) so excuse the blurry pics.
The crowd was a little different in Gettysburg compared to the crowd at my marathon in Chicago. Slightly fewer people.

View from the spectator lot.

Random item #2:

I was in charge of Mother's Day desserts. My mom was having a cookout. I was flipping through my beloved Hello Cupcake! book and thought these were perfect. They were super easy to make, but a little expensive since you need 2-3 cups of white and yellow jelly bellys. Make sure you know where to get your beans before hand. I had to scramble and make 4 calls to various candy stores before I found a place that sold them by color. Tip: assemble the corn-boats when you arrive at your final destination. If you don't, the boats will tip over in the car, despite your verbally demanding that they stay in place. And if your husband is driving, you will become increasingly more frustrated that he does not understand the importance of driving at a snails-pace to save the cupcakes. True story. It's not pretty.

Random item #3:

If you want to impress someone, buy them flowers from Costco. It never fails that I find the most beautiful roses at Costco. Two dozen = $15. Unbeatable.

Random item #4:
We spent the evening with our favorite midget last night. J&J's pool opened for Memorial Day and it was so much fun watching Coop reacquaint himself with the water. Such a little man.