Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's been awhile...

So I fell off the consistent-blogger wagon, again. The last time I posted something Frank was at the beginning of surgery recovery, and now he's 90% better. The goal was to keep people posted along the way, but considering the "twice-a-day" rehab sessions that Frank and I were doing - time for blogging fell by the wayside.

Regardless, here's the update in bullet-point fashion:

- There were a lot of emails and calls to the surgeon that sounded like this "Should he move like this? Is he using his leg enough when he does _____? Is he using his leg too much if he does _____? Did the wind hit him in the wrong direction? etc. etc. etc.". I was a tad neurotic, but Frank is not the best communicator when it comes to his feelings.

- Frank HATED sleeping in his crate in the kitchen. We were serenaded to an hour-long concert of whines and cries before bed each night. We would hear his cone banging against the crate. It was heartbreaking, and I'm sure it's only a teeny-tiny slice of what it's like to hear your baby "cry it out". God bless you moms and dads of real human babies. We tried a stupid DAP collar which was supposed to put off pheromones that made Frank feel all warm and fuzzy like he did was he was first born and with his mom. Total scam. He just had some extra bling around his neck when he cried from his crate.

- I officially became the neighborhood creeper as Frank and I would SLLLLlllllooooowly walk up and down the sidewalks and hills outside as we started his rehab. We took it slow. We started at 5 minute walks. We've built up to 2x 30 min walks each day. I'm just sad that I'm not seeing the health benefits of walking at a 40-min mph pace in my butt and thighs.

- He received a clean bill of health at his 4-week checkup. Suture site healed nicely. Bones healed great on the inside. We were discharged and got to cancel his 8-week x-rays and checkup. (I heard an audible hallelujah-chorus from my wallet.)

- We now refer to his bad leg as the "Frosted Leg". The leg looks white from a distance, and it's slowly growing back. The rest of his hair has gone berserk. He gets his summer buzz tomorrow.

- Everything is going well - the last stop on the recovery tour is to get his muscle mass built up on his bad leg. We're getting there slowly but surely and are oh-so-happy to have this one behind us.

A few pics to share:
Part of therapy was tying a hair scrunchie to his good leg and building an obstacle course of pillows for him to walk on. It felt like the home-version of American Gladiator. Obviously, his show name would have been TANK.

There was one casualty throughout the surgery process. The bed we bought at the beginning of surgery didn't make it. As Frank started to feel better, he became more and more interested in ripping all of the stuffing out of his bed. This is his new bed. This is bed 5. Frank is only 2. The costs associated with Frank's bad bed habits are astronomical.

Look @ the dog on the tag. Pretty good impression.

Frank has finally made it back on the couches. Happy pup.