Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Frank's Tough Life: Comfy Cozy Couch Cushions

There are two possible scenarios that we are faced with each night at dinner time. 

1) Frank barks at the wind and acts like a raving lunatic, physically removing himself from the floor with the intensity of his barks. It makes for a very enjoyable meal.

2) Frank curls up in our living room like the cutest puppy in the whole world.

The ratio of #1 to #2 is very unbalanced.

Tonight Frank chose Door #2 and I managed to snap a few pics.

We have two big brown couches that form an L in our living room. L for Leimenstoll. Frank can easily walk from one couch to the other, and he does so often. He also rocks his most cat-like moves and perches himself on top of every cushion available to him. He stays on one for about 10 mins. Then he moves onto the other. And then he'll switch couches. And perch. And so on and so on. You know how designers like the karate-chopped look of pillows? Well Frank could most definitely be a professional cushion-chopper. On the rare days that I clean the house, I literally pull the cushion down so it's horizontal, beat the living h*ll out of it with my fist to redistribute the filling, and then sit on it for good measure. A properly formed couch cushion lasts for about 5 minutes if Frank is sleepy.

I took these pictures within a 10 minute time span. You'll see that he rotates between the "Seal w/ Ears", "Plankton" and "One-eyed pirate" sleep moves very quickly.

Excuse the fuzzy pictures - I took these tonight 2 glass of wine deep and with little lighting.

You can't deny that he looks like a beached seal with ears.

Cushions have been officially chopped.

A.J. thinks he looks like a little bear. I think he looks like a sea plankton.

You should see the bed-head he has when he wakes up from this position.

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