Monday, March 26, 2012

Hearts All Over the World.

February was an awesome month - chaotic, emotional, joy-filled and life-changing. My little man Drew is a real sweetie and we are slowly figuring out what our new version of life looks like.

As I adjust to life as a stay-at-home mama, I want to make sure my projects aren't completely replaced by diaper changes. My goal is to post one new thing once a week. That sounds small but I'm learning that is a big goal when your free time is limited. That means I'll need projects to be in the works and I'll need to be carving out time to think about future creative ventures. Growing up my violin teacher used to say "Practice makes Permanent", so I'm hoping to create a little blogging habit over the next few months.

To make the transition easier, I'm going to start by posting about the projects I completed during pregnancy. Many of the projects were ideas I found on the best site ever created. When I have my next child I would seriously considering naming him or her "Pinterest" (a nice gender-neutral-celebrity-kid-worthy name, right?) I love the site THAT much.

Let's start with the easiest projcet I've done in a long time: HEART CRAYONS. I saw this idea on Pinterest and was impressed by how polished, and seemingly easy, the project looked. I had found heart-shaped baking molds in the $1 Spot at Target a few years back and still had not used them for baking. The thought of actually using the molds made my heart skip a beat. That's the heart of an organizer/planner/weirdo I know. It turns out this project WAS easy and it used up all of the old, junky crayons that had worked their way to the back of the shelf. Finding a use for these wayward crayons was another heart-skipping-moment.

1. When removing the labels from your crayons....
I used my fingernails and they were destroyed. A good friend came up with the ingenuous idea of slicing the label with a small razor blade. So much smarter and faster.

2. If you  don't have crayons lying around and need to buy new ones, I would think cheap-o ones from the Dollar Store would work just as well as the more expensive Crayola crayons. No one needs to know!

3. Always keep an eye on the dollar bins at your favorite stores...some of my most fun projects have used materials from these spots.

I can't wait to pull these out next February as valentines for all of Drew's lil' buddies. It's mind-boggling to think he will be ONE and will be able to maneuver these crayons with his little chubby baby hands (which are currently shoved in his mouth as he tries to find his thumb!)


  1. Okay, I come back and I come back and you don't come back.

    I understand you had a new baby. Congrats, btw.
    But, I need a Frank fix.

    Honestly, I went back to the beginning and read all the parts that included Frank recently because I was so Frank deficient....and I don't even own a dog.

    You have a wonderful writting ability and I just hope you find the time to come back and share your new life...and Frank....because I miss your blog updates.'s Frank doin huh?

  2. @Francy - thanks so much for your post - I'm sorry I've been MIA! The end of today's post is dedicated to you - Frank's doing great :)