Monday, January 16, 2012

Leimabean's Nursery

Ta-Da!! Mission accomplished. I finished the nursery before the Bean made his big appearance. (Insert major sigh of relief).

I'm so happy with how the nursery came together. The vision I had in my mind shifted and morphed over the last 8 months, but the final product is just right. I wanted a space that felt calm and soothing, yet really happy and cheerful. Over time I was able to find the right pieces to fit the small space, and I was able to wield my glue gun a few times to make some special "DIY" projects that add a really personal touch.

Believe me, I know a newborn does not need a room with all of these bells & whistles. He will not appreciate the specific shade of gray on the walls. He will not care that I had glue gun burns from securing colored pencils into a shadow box. But I figure, A.J. and I will be hanging out in there a lot - at all hours of the day and night - and I wanted the space to be a place that all three of us would enjoy. Besides, it was fun pouring love into the room where my little man will sleep and grow and wiggle and laugh (and maybe cry on occasion ;) ) A true labor of love.

I'm going to break the posts down into a few entries, because I feel a novel coming on, but here are a few pics from the Leimabean's new digs. More about the details to come soon... 

The reading nook. The tuffets are from Land of Nod, and I stole the book shelving idea from Pinterest. (God bless Pinterest!) 
I picked up the Alphabet at Trohv in Baltimore, the dog print was a postcard for a Doggie Daycare that I picked up last year (!!!), and the other two prints were cards I received throughout the pregnancy. The little booties were handmade by A.J.'s grandmother over 50 years ago! 

The colored pencil project was super easy (I'll post directions soon),  the yellow Wellies were a favorite shower gift that I couldn't keep in the box, the giraffe print I found on Etsy and the rest of the frames wait anxiously for pics of our little man. Everything is center a bit high to hopefully avoid tiny hands reaching up and yanking things down during diaper changes. A girl can dream.

We needed a LITTLE side table to put near the chair, and this Urban Outfitters piece does the trick. The bamboo is planted in marbles and blue Lima Beans (funny story about them later.)
For those wondering, we're just 2.5 weeks away from my due date...02/03/12. I'm super excited to meet the little guy, but have been staying pretty comfortable, and I think the babe is pretty comfortable as well. I have a feeling we'll be by-passing 2/3....


  1. Megs,

    This looks gorgeous! Like something out of a magazine or off of Bodie et Fou's blog. Well done!

  2. Adorable! Can't wait to see pictures of the little man!

  3. So jealous that you're already set! We still have a bunch of things to hang and projects to complete. Guess I know what I'm doing this weekend! :) I totally hear you on the "thinking we'll be by-passing the due date." The girl child does not seem to be interested in exiting anytime soon. And if one more person tells me to "hang in there"... heads will roll. :)

  4. Do you mind sharing, if you remember, what the shade of gray is?

    1. Hey Rose - sure thing! The walls are Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray! Thx for your post!

  5. Hey Rose - sure thing! The walls are Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray! Thx for your post!