Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rack Attack (not to be confused with SBTB Zack Attack)

 Fun, happy surprise in the middle of a tough, emotional week: our wine rack arrived! My parents very generously gave us the piece as our Christmas gift and we (read: I) have been counting the days until its arrival.

I found the rack at Trohv (formerly known as Red Tree). This store is one of my happy places. If I go to hell one day, I know I'll find myself standing in the DMV, on the phone with Verizon, with a MD hillbilly behind me smacking her gum in my ear. If I go to heaven, I think it will be very reminiscent of Trohv. And the big man will smell like cinnamon cupcakes.

I digress...

The rack arrived on Friday. The delivery guys were super nice, super careful and were nice to Frank. One of them said he looked like a cat, and Frank almost kicked him in the nuts, but then he gave Frank good scratches and all was well with the world. My only complaint about the delivery crew is I was WAITING with bated breath for them to make the obvious comment... "Hey lady, nice rack". Unfortunately, they refrained. You can't pass up jokes like that. It would have been a major morale booster.

 The goal is to keep the rack full, but constantly rotating. Right now it's a mix of bottles from our NZ trip, Napa Trip and Trader Joe's Charles Shaw. How's that for variety?


  1. It looks gorgeous! Very classy.

  2. Thanks Ramsay...if there's one thing I've learned it's Leimenstolls are nothing but classy, am I right?